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Van Der Kamp International Dredging BV


Main Office and Dredging Company
Beukenallee 1
8019 BA Zwolle


+31-38-421 7547
+31-38-421 5975
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Postal Address

PO Box 146
8000 AC

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Introduction Since the end of the 19th century, 5th generation, the family-owned company Van der Kamp is active as a shipping company and trader in construction materials. Later on, these activities will be extended with the winning and trade of sand and gravel. In 1926, Van der Kamp builds as one of the first companies a self-propelled sand dredger “Stad Zwolle”. In the sixties Van der Kamp moves towards the concrete market and builds several concrete plant facilities. In the seventies, the dredging company was founded, which specializes in maintenance dredging with trailing suction hopper dredgers. Since 1980, this company enters into an agreement with the Dutch Government for combatting oil pollution at sea. The company also carries beach replenishments. Van der Kamp has a rich history. Unchanged is the good relationship with customers, based on quality, flexibility and reliability. Our ambition is to improve efficiency constantly. On principle, our company does not work on Sundays. On this website, we offer you information about the various activities.

Equipment - active

Type Number Power Volume
Trailing suction hopper dredgers 4 12255 kW 13527 m³
Water injection dredgers 2 3319 kW
Hopper barges 1 850 m³
Name Type Built Power Volume
Aquadelta 2022 1950 kW
Ecodelta TSHD 2018 9800 kW 5500 m³
Hein TSHD 1979 3656 m³
IJsseldelta TSHD 1978 2014 kW 3518 m³
KZ 1 en 2 HB 850 m³
Maasmond WID 1931 1369 kW
Pieter Hubert TSHD 1962 441 kW 853 m³

Equipment - historical

Name Type Built Power Volume
Jan Bernard CSD 1988 990 kW
Johanna TSHD 1961 2800 m³
Rijndelta TSHD 1960 4007 m³


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