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Stemat BV


Quarantaineweg 10
3089 KP Rotterdam


+31-10-299 6555
+31-10-299 6543
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Postal Address

P.O. Box 54511
3008 KA

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9 years 9 weeks ago



The company's modern well-equipped fleet and extremely experienced and motivated personnel enable it to become involved in a great many infrastructural projects. Stemat has a wide variety of modern equipment, including multi-purpose vessels, crane barges, pontoons, pushers and tug boats. At its home port in Rotterdam, the company has over 14,500 m2 of harbour space, 160 m of wharf frontage and 13,500 m2 of storage space. The wharf is equipped with mobile cranes with a hoisting capacity of up to 23 tons.


Equipment - active

Type Number Power Volume
Special and other equipment 1
Multicats Tugs Workboats 19 19056 kW
Name Type Built Power Volume
Albert B --- 372 kW
Charlotte W Tug/ 1968 746 kW
Claudia B MPV 1074 kW
Fetsy L MPV
Ingrid B MPV 358 kW
Lydia D MPV 2850 kW
Marian V tug
Naomi E Tug/ 1996 1170 kW
Nova K MPV 1760 kW
Pontra Maris MPV 1970
Rebecca S MPV 1176 kW
Sidi C MPV 2006
Stemat 63 MPV
Stemat 82 MPV
Stemat Oslo MPV
Stemat Scradeway SE 1997
Stemat Spirit --- 4516 kW
Suzanne D MPV 1528 kW
Tessa W MPV 2008 1566 kW
Yvonne W MPV 1940 kW

Equipment - historical

Name Type Built Power Volume
Neptunus Tug 1984


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