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Rohde Nielsen A/S


Nyhavn 20
DK-1051 Copenhagen K.


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Last updated

11 years 46 weeks ago


Company profile

Rohde Nielsen A/S operates worldwide as a general contractor as well as a subcontractor.

Based in Nyhavn, Copenhagen, we have built up a service-minded organisation that concentrates on flexibility, know-how, and efficiency. This reflected in short response times, dedicated performance and clear agreements that are respected throughout the projects. The reason is simple - we are a very professional organisation with a highly qualified team of people.

The investment in training and technology enables us to provide and develop technical and financial attractive solutions to our clients.

We also have our own repair yard and a logistics centre located in Grenaa, Denmark that supports our ships around the clock and around the world. Our new building programme, which gives our fleet a low average age, is also controlled from Grenaa. Technical specifications and work progress are monitored to ensure that we meet the needs of our customers for state-of-the-art design, operational reliability and maximum efficiency.

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Equipment - active

Type Number Power Volume
Trailing suction hopper dredgers 14 57522 kW 33736 m³
Backhoe dredges 2
Bucket ladder dredgers 2 1089 kW
Grab dredgers 1 2523 kW 789 m³
Hopper barges 11 3234 kW 9852 m³
Suction dredges 2
Multicats Tugs Workboats 1
Name Type Built Power Volume
Ajax R BLD 1966 560 kW
Ask R tshd 2021 7050 kW 2700 m³
Balder R TSHD 2011 10504 kW 6000 m³
Baugi R HB 2010 1293 m³
Bjarke R HB 2010 1293 m³
Brage R TSHD 1996 1529 kW 2130 m³
Embla R tshd 2021 7050 kW 2700 m³
Fenja R HB 400 m³
Freja R TSHD 1982 2475 kW 1961 m³
Freke R HB 2018 1617 kW 1517 m³
Frigg R BLD 1966 529 kW
Gere R HB 2018 1617 kW 1517 m³
Gungner R BH 2005
Gylfe R BUD 1981
Helge R HB 1979 400 m³
Hugin R HB 1973 816 m³
Idun R TSHD 1984 2229 kW 2189 m³
Magni R TSHD 1996 1492 kW 1400 m³
Menja R HB 400 m³
Mjolner R BD, 1994
Modi R TSHD 1994 3873 kW 1410 m³
Munin R HB 1974 816 m³
Njord R TSHD 2011 10504 kW 6000 m³
Roar R HB 1979 400 m³
Sif R TSHD 1974 2327 kW 1860 m³
Thor R TSHD 1984 3760 kW 2507 m³
Tjalfe R GD 2002 2523 kW 789 m³
Tjalfe R splithopper HB 2002 1000 m³
Toste R TSHD 1992 1456 kW 479 m³
Trud R TSHD 1994 1091 kW 1400 m³
Tyr R BUD 1966
Vidar R Tug 1980
Viking R TSHD 1974 2182 kW 1000 m³

Equipment - historical

Name Type Built Power Volume
Agir BLD 1967
Freja R BUD 447 kW
Gefion R TSHD 1987 6535 kW 2658 m³
Hjalte R HB 400 m³
Kronborg R TSHD 1965 1002 m³
Odin R SD 1984 7260 kW
Tamanskiy TSHD 1987 6535 kW 1565 m³


Name Country
Rohde Nielsen (Hong Kong) Ltd. Hong Kong S.A.R., China
Rohde Nielsen Dredging B.V. Netherlands
Rohde Nielsen Shipping A/S Denmark


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