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R. Boltje & Zonen NV




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1939 - 1973
Ceased activities

Last updated

8 years 34 weeks ago


The company was established in the Netherlands on July 8 1939 by Mr. Roelof Boltje.

Registration with the Chamber of commerce took place in Zwolle on January 1st 1939

Registration number was 06719 under the name R. Boltje Jzn. (and sons)

March 14 1949 the Company changed to NV (Ltd liability) CoC Nr. 10752.

The company capital at that time fl. 400,000.- (Dutch guilders)

Mr. Jan Boltje and Kor Boltje joint the company at a fl. 5000.- rate.

By the late 60's the followong companies were established:

  • Boltje do Brasil Dragagens LTDA
  • R. Boltje & Zonen GmbH
  • Transmundum International Hopper GmbH (Hochtief A.G. | R. Boltje & Zonen)
  • Taybol Ltd (Taylor Woodrow | R. Boltje & Zonen)

On September 19 1973 the Company went bankrupt.

In 1986 the company R. Boltje & Zonen Internationaal aannemersbedrijf voor grond, baggerwerken en wegenbouw was finally disolved.

This remarkable mid-sized and innovative company carried out dredging works across Europe, Africa and South America from the 1950's and became famous by the spectaculair extension of the Copacobana Beach in Rio de Janeiro


Source; , read more on (Dutch language)



CB Member no. 185 1950-1973 In 1971 startte Kor Boltje samen met Tijhongh Oei een nieuw baggerbedrijf op. Sandraga (saneamento de dragagem Ltd.) Dit bedrijf heeft tot 1994 bestaan Men had 2 cutterzuigers Merk Ammco 2 cat motoren ( 840 Pk) en zuigbuis van 40 cm - Zuigdiepte 10 Mtr Boltje had nog een bedrijf in Hamburg Bolwijk Nassbaggerei GmbH ( Boltje & Zonen) see youtube films: etc. etc. etc.

Equipment - active

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Equipment - historical

Name Type Built Power Volume
B 30 - 33 HB 1967 800 m³
B 4 to 24 HB 1953 400 m³
B 40 HB 1969 1000 m³
B 41 HB 1969 1000 m³
B 42 HB 1969 1000 m³
B 43 HB 1969 1000 m³
B 44 HB 1969 1000 m³
B 45 HB 1969 1000 m³
Brasil CSD 1956 5514 kW
Drenthe CSD 1954
Emil HB 1969 1000 m³
Europa BLD 1949 300 kW
Friesland BLD 1953 440 kW
Gelderland BLD 1955
Groningen hd SD 1955 400 m³
Hansje SD 1965
Howard Barge no. 3 HB 1969 1000 m³
Limburg SD 1960
Makkumerwaard BLD 600 kW
Nederland CSD 1950
Noord Brabant CSD 1963
Noord Holland ( Boltje ) BLD 1955
Overijssel SD 1953
Poai SD 1966
Schokland SD 1960
Transmundum I TSHD 1969 4741 kW 3420 m³
Transmundum II TSHD 1969 4741 kW 3420 m³
Transmundum III TSHD 1969 2349 kW 3399 m³
Transmundum IV TSHD 1970 2824 kW 3200 m³
Transmundum V TSHD 1970 3607 m³
Transmundum VI TSHD 1971 2973 kW 3607 m³
Utrecht hd SD 1957 400 m³
Wimpie SD 1953
Zeeland CSD 1953
Zuid Holland SD 1957


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