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Peter Madsen Rederi AS


Godthaabsvej 89
DK 8660 Skanderborg


Contact person: 
Bjarne Johannessen
+45 86 29 01 00
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5 years 18 weeks ago


Our strongest cards:


  • ·        A well-equipped fleet, able to carry out multiple types of marine contracting work.

    ·        State of the art technology

    ·        Highly experiences and well educated staff.

    ·        Professional competence in carrying out complex projects.

    ·        Maintenance and Capital Dredging

    ·        Multibeam surveys

    ·        CAD and 3D modelling

    ·        Scour protection

    ·        Boulder clearance

    ·        Stone pad foundations

    ·        Rock armour

    ·        Pipes and cables


Equipment - active

Type Number Power Volume
Backhoe dredges 1
Grab dredgers 5 767 kW 813 m³
Name Type Built Power Volume
Aase Madsen GD 1977 506 kW 202 m³
Grete Fighter BD 1980
John Madsen GD 1972 261 kW 101 m³
Margrethe Fighter GD 1988 237 m³
Merete Chris GD, 1966 173 m³
Peter Madsen GD 1968 100 m³

Equipment - historical

Name Type Built Power Volume
Allan Madsen GD 1982
M/V Gry Madsen GD 75 m³


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