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NMDC - National Marine Dredging Company


Abu Dhabi
United Arab Emirates


+971-2-5516 000
+971-2-5516 500
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Postal Address

PO Box 3649
Abu Dhabi

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Currently our business is conducted from our modern premises which include multi-discipline workshops, slip ways and a fully support administration and technical departments located in Mussafah, Abu Dhabi with subsidiary office in Zayed the Second St, Abu Dhabi.

Our dredging operations have grown to a level where last year we dredged in excess of 40 million cubic meters on projects.

Today our dredging operation is a highly modern business consisting entirely of cutter suction dredgers ranging in capacity from the small Beaver dredger Jananah  (2,400hp) to our most powerful automated dredger the Al Sadr (27,500hp). Our dredgers are supported by tugs and multicat crafts, assisted by heavy lift marine cranes where necessary.

The reclamation works are carried out in accordance with contract specifications with nominal tolerances and all necessary landfill equipment for reclamation works are fully maintained by mobile workshops.

Equipment - active

Type Number Power Volume
Trailing suction hopper dredgers 2 9674 kW 14000 m³
Cutter suction dredgers 14 122347 kW
Backhoe dredges 1
Grab dredgers 3
Special and other equipment 3 14500 kW
Name Type Built Power Volume
Al Hamra CSD 1978 9868 kW
Al Khatem CSD 1978 9868 kW
Al Mirfa CSD 2000 10653 kW
Al Sadr CSD 1999 20515 kW
Al Shahamah CSD 2000 2834 kW
Arzana TSHD 2018 9674 kW 6000 m³
Booster 1 --- 1988 4400 kW
Booster 2 --- 1994 4800 kW
Booster 3 --- 2003 5300 kW
Dredge 2 CSD 1976 2685 kW
Embarka II CSD 2008 3150 kW
Embarka III CSD 2009 3150 kW
Embarka IV CSD 2009 3150 kW
Ghasha TSHD 2020 8000 m³
Jananah CSD 2004 1795 kW
Kattouf CSD 2001 10919 kW
Marawah CSD 2016 26100 kW
Sarb BHD 2020
Shanyoob I GD 2010
Shanyoob II GD 2010
Shanyoob III GD 2011
Umm Al Anbar 1 CSD 1995 7792 kW
Umm El Zemoul CSD 1978 9868 kW

Equipment - historical

Name Type Built Power Volume
Al Yassat CSD 26100 kW
Al-Mariah CSD 1977 7749 kW
Dredge I CSD 2459 kW
Embarka V CSD 2010 3150 kW
Embarka VI CSD 2010 3150 kW


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