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Mercator Lines Limited


3rd Floor, Mittal Tower, B-wing
Nariman Point
Mumbai 400021


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Last updated

10 years 49 weeks ago

Equipment - active

Type Number Power Volume
Trailing suction hopper dredgers 5 18622 kW 36201 m³
Bucket ladder dredgers 1 1760 kW
Grab dredgers 1 900 m³
Name Type Built Power Volume
Bhagvati Prem TSHD 2007 7500 m³
Darshani Prem TSHD 2006 7500 m³
Omkara Prem TSHD 2008 4500 m³
Tridevi Prem TSHD 2006 5075 kW 5400 m³
Vakul Prem BLD 1988 1760 kW
Veera Prem TSHD 1970 13547 kW 11301 m³
Vivek Prem GD 1997 900 m³

Equipment - historical

Name Type Built Power Volume
Badri Prem TSHD 2007 7500 m³
Banwari Prem TSHD 2006 7500 m³
Dong Hai Jun 2 TSHD 2006 5075 kW 5400 m³
Triloki Prem TSHD 2006 5075 kW 5400 m³
Xing Hang Jun 1 TSHD 2007 7500 m³


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