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The Dredgepoint Team

Kojimagumi Co Ltd


1-6 Kiba-cho
455-0021 Japan


+8152 691 7070
+8152 692 0747

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Since its foundation, our company has been engaged with soil, working in ocean civil engineering and focused mainly on dredging. Over the years we developed various new technologies and machines, many of which have been granted patents. Among them is a grab dredger equipped with a 200-cubic-meter grab bucket, a pneumatic feed system for transporting sediment by air pressure through a pipeline to a remote disposal site, and many other special equipment and machines with high performance.

In recent years, industries and individuals have been expected to give consideration to preservation of the global environment. It is therefore important for our facilities and operations to be energy-saving, and not to cause air, water, soil or noise pollution. Dredged sediment should be recycled. Our equipment and machines developed based on this philosophy are sure to be beneficial to everyone, exhibiting their full performance and high efficiency   Grab specifications:   Capacity 106 m3 (P.L) , 76 m3 (W.L) Weight 477 tons height 16 m width 12.8 m (open) , 11.55 m (closed) Depth 5.64 m Cutting force 990 tons (Lip edge) Hydraulic cylinder Inside diameter φ 580 × stroke 2,100 × 4


Equipment - active

Type Number Power Volume
Backhoe dredges 2
Grab dredgers 7
Suction dredges 3 3960 kW
Special and other equipment 5
Name Type Built Power Volume
18 OKAMURA MARU gd 1999
AP1000 Ryosei Maru SP 1996
AP1660 Ryosei Maru SP 1996
AP2100 Ryosei Maru SP 1996
CHUKO MARU gd 1993
Gosho GD 2000
Kokusho SP 1996
KSS 161 SP
No. 16 Ryosei Maru BH 2007
No. 26 Ryosei Maru BH 1992
No. 261 Ryosei Maru GD 1985
No. 361 Ryosei Maru GD 1987
No. 381 Ryosei Maru GD 2014
No. 661 Ryosei Maru GD 1989
P1800 Ryosei Maru BUD 1983 1320 kW
P3000 Ryosei Maru BUD 1986 1320 kW
P8160 Ryosei Maru BUD 2000 1320 kW

Equipment - historical

Name Type Built Power Volume
AP1600 Ryosei Maru SP
Hakusho BHD
No. 161 Ryosei Maru GD
Tensho SP
Tosho GD


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