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JJM Group


Head Office
8218 River Road
Delta BC V4G 1C4


+1-604-946 0978
+1-604-946 9327
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A family owned company that is involved in all aspects of construction such as heavy civil, structural, marine construction and environmental and navigational dredging. JJM is committed to providing every project with a highly skilled work force, a highly respected management team, highly developed quality control and safety programs and a commitment to growth, stability, quality and performance to get the job done right.

Description: Fleet consists of a full range of cranes, spud barges, split hopper barges, hydraulic dredge excavator and cable clamshell dredges for dredging and marine construction on the West Coast of Canada.

Dredges: Miller 214, CL, 5 cy, 400 hp, Manitowoc, 4000; Miller 209, CL, 10 cy, 1000 hp, 1997, Hitachi

Other Equipment: Tug boats Spud barges Ramp barge (3) 2000 cyd split hopper barges


Equipment - active

Type Number Power Volume
Cutter suction dredgers 1 3725 kW
Grab dredgers 2
Name Type Built Power Volume
M.J.Miller CSD 3725 kW
ME 214 GD
ME 216 GD

Equipment - historical

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Name Country
Miller Contracting Inc. United States

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