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Instituto Nacional de Canalizaciones (INCANAL)


Ciudad Comercial Tamanaco
Tamanaco, Chuao Caracas 1061



Last updated

12 years 17 weeks ago

Equipment - active

Type Number Power Volume
Trailing suction hopper dredgers 3 34282 kW 16350 m³
Cutter suction dredgers 3 3330 kW
Name Type Built Power Volume
Catatumbo TSHD 1979 11461 kW 6500 m³
Guayana TSHD 1990 14576 kW 7500 m³
Rio Apure CSD 1986 1110 kW
Rio Arauca CSD 1986 1110 kW
Rio Doradas CSD 1986 1110 kW
Rio Orinoco TSHD 1979 8245 kW 2350 m³

Equipment - historical

Name Type Built Power Volume
Aragua CSD 1975 1400 kW
Borburata CSD 1977 3200 kW
Carabobo CSD 1971
Castillete CSD 1977 3500 kW
Chiquinquira SD 1955 2340 kW
Monje CSD 1975 1137 kW
Punta Brava II CSD 1972 1200 kW
Rio Caparo CSD 1986 1110 kW
Rio Pastaza CSD 1992 1254 kW
Rio Tuy CSD 1988
Santa Lucia CSD 1975
Zulia TSHD 1959 6500 m³


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