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Huta Marine Works Ltd


Lotus Building, Prince Sultan Street
Al-Zahra's District
Jeddah 21441
Saudi Arabia


+966-2-662 3205
+962-2-683 1838
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Postal Address

P.O.Box 1830

Last updated

12 years 1 week ago


From the late 1990s it was decided to establish a dedicated company to concentrate on the many marine related activities arising within Saudi Arabia, from which Huta Marine Works Ltd devolved. This was perfectly in accordance with the country’s enormous rate of growth and its seafaring tradition along the extensive national coastlines in the Red Sea and the Arabian Gulf.

Since the date of inception the numbers of highly skilled employees have continued to rise to provide comprehensive services to company clients. Furthermore, numbers and types of marine plant and vessels have also been increased in order to provide the exact requirements of all clients be they large corporations or of a smaller private nature.

This continued expansion has resulted in Huta Marine Works Ltd becoming the largest operator with the largest fleet in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, if not in the Middle East as a whole. Furthermore, the company continues to enhance and expand its capabilities for its valued clients by investing large amounts of capital to acquire new vessels and plant.

Equipment - active

Type Number Power Volume
Cutter suction dredgers 9 93341 kW
Backhoe dredges 1
Grab dredgers 1
Name Type Built Power Volume
Al Bahar C/D Huta 12 CSD 2014 23545 kW
Al Sakab - Huta 9 CSD 2010 16500 kW
Huta 14 CSD 1986 15680 kW
Huta 15 CSD 1978 9870 kW
Huta 16 CSD 1978 4277 kW
Huta 2 CSD 1977 5880 kW
Huta 201 GD
Huta 251 BD
Huta 3 CSD 1983 2462 kW
Huta 4 CSD 1979 12665 kW
Huta 5 CSD 1976 2462 kW

Equipment - historical

Name Type Built Power Volume
Huta 1 CSD 1976 5880 kW
Huta 10 CSD 1977 2825 kW
Huta 101 TSHD 1962 6958 kW 1250 m³
HUTA 11 CSD 1978 7765 kW
Huta 6 CSD 1973 4270 kW
Huta 7 CSD 1968 9800 kW
Huta 71 TSHD 1962 6958 kW 1250 m³
Huta 8 CSD 1970 5525 kW
Huta Sete 2 TSHD 1962 6958 kW 1250 m³
Sete 20 CSD 1977 5880 kW
Sete 22 CSD 1973 3540 kW
Sete 32 CSD 1968 10178 kW


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