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Dragage Verreault Inc.


245, route Bellevue Ouest
Les Méchins QC G0J 1T0


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We are a Canadian company, located in Quebec, and specialized in dredging. Our involvement in this field stretches over several decades.

In December 2000, when "Groupe Maritime Verreault" disposed of its dredging business, we acquired it and continued to work in the maritime sector, more specifically in dredging. For us, it was at the same time a new start while preserving the experience and the expertise that the company had acquired since it was established in 1956
The know-how, the experience, the pride and the ethics of all its employees demonstrate that Dragage Verreault offers the best dredging service from the head of the Great Lakes down to the Maritime Provinces.

You seek dredging services, wish to obtain a quotation or any other information, visit our site where you will find all you need to contact.

Equipment - active

Type Number Power Volume
Grab dredgers 4
Name Type Built Power Volume
I.V. No 8 CLD
Rosaire CLD 1952

Equipment - historical

Name Type Built Power Volume
Haffar TSHD 1949 1834 kW 746 m³
Port Méchins TSHD 1949 1834 kW 746 m³


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