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D Blankevoort International Dredging Co


Zuider Stationsweg 5A
2061HC Bloemendaal



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7 years 6 weeks ago


CB Member no. 9 Fleet was sold to Boskalis in 2006 - Waddenzee was sold  to Yugoslavia

Equipment - active

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Equipment - historical

Name Type Built Power Volume
Alpha B TSHD 1980 9083 kW 4735 m³
Argonaut TSHD 1990 4483 kW 2500 m³
Balvoort HB 1907 612 m³
Belga CSD 1921
Coronaut TSHD 1988 4385 kW 2500 m³
Delta Queen TSHD 1971 8234 kW 8125 m³
Dolphin TSHD 1984 2229 kW 2189 m³
E-3 SD 434 kW
Emsland ( ex IJsselmeer ) BUD 1937 373 kW
Griekspoor 4 SD
Groningen bucketdredger BLD 1908
Groningen I CSD 1931 610 kW
Hades CSD 1975 4415 kW
Hades -old CSD 1927
Hendrik Jan SD 1965 720 kW
Hensbroek II SD 268 kW
Hercules SD 1934
IJmuiden SD 1922
Johanna BUD 1930
Kaaiman CSD 1964 839 kW
Keukenhof SD 271 kW
La Macta CSD 1960
Lagos BUD 1951
Lodewijk CSD 263 kW
Loenersloot BUD 1930
Octopus CSD 1984
Orca CSD 1977 5860 kW
Orca - cz CSD 1969 1975 kW
Overijssel BUD 1946
Rupel cz. CSD 1969
Scaldis CSD 1974 1223 kW
Scaldis BLD 1932
Schelde BLD 1936
Vecht bld BLD 1903
Waddenzee (BLD) BLD 1966 230 kW
Whale TSHD 1984 3760 kW 2507 m³
Zuiderzee I BLD 1911
Zuiderzee II BLD 1899
Zuiderzee III BLD 1911
Zuiderzee IV BLD 1927


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