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Christiaan den Dekker BV


Grevelingstraat 60
2161 WG Lisse


+31-252-418 650
+31-252-419 359
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Postal Address

P.O.Box 266
2160 AG

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Ceased activities

Last updated

8 years 48 weeks ago


As a contractor you will find Christiaan den Dekker on the dividing line of water and land. For more than 20 years our company is known as a dredging contractor, but also in the field of civil constructions Christiaan den Dekker has since long made its name. For Christiaan den Dekker the bigger projects like the exploitation of sand as well as the somewhat smaller projects e.g. the cleaning of ponds and waterways mean, time and time again, a challenge to satisfy a valued customer.  The AAM Planontwikkeling (AAM Plandevelopment), our fully owned subsidiary, has for many years developed various activities in the fields of civil engineering and particularly the exploitation of sand (and other aggregates). We are active across the border too. We have a branch office in Germany.


CB Memberno. 438 01.06.1987


Company declared bankrupt, sept 2012

let op C d Dekker is failliet, komende week - begin november 2012 dus - komt het materieel in veiling bij 
BVA Auctions

Op 18-09-2012 is Aannemingsbedrijf Christiaan Den Dekker Bv te Lisse (Zeeland) door de rechtbank in ‘s-Gravenhage failliet verklaard.

Equipment - active

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Equipment - historical

Name Type Built Power Volume
Brabant SD 1125 kW
Furie SD 100 kW
Hendrik-Jan SD 1967 775 kW
Hensbroek I SD 1960 522 kW
Hensbroek II SD 268 kW
Kufstein SD 1995 1011 kW
Müllroser See SD 1992 844 kW
Nautilus SD 1981 1080 kW
Nieuwegein SD 910 kW
Rietgors SD 400 kW
Rijndijk SD 624 kW
Twenthe SD 1117 kW
Uiver SD 900 kW
Valkenburg SD 398 kW
Vecht SD 800 kW
Warmond SD 280 kW


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