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Cemex UK Marine Ltd


Baltic Wharf, Elm Street, Marine Parade
SO 14 5JF
United Kingdom


+44-2380 720 200
+44-2380 334 528
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Our marine business is one of the leading companies supplying marine aggregates to the British and European construction industry. We can supply various grades of marine aggregates ranging from sand to coarse gravel. These products are noted for their consistent quality - an essential requirement of today's construction industry.

History: Started as South Coast Sand & Ballast Co. Ltd in 1946 with two ex-Empire colliers, in 1950 becoming Zinal SS Co., then in 1956 South Coast Shipping Co. Ltd. owned by Burness Shipping Co. Ltd. (in association with Wm CORY & SOn ltd.) Renamed RMC Marine Ltd. in 2002 and taken over by Cemex SA of Mexico in 2005, when the ship-operating company was renamed, although some vessels are still registered under British Dredging, Mersey Sand supplies and East Coast Aggregates (story written by by David Hornsby)

Equipment - active

Type Number Power Volume
Trailing suction hopper dredgers 4 16605 kW 8785 m³
Suction dredges 1
Name Type Built Power Volume
Cemex Go Innovation TSHD 2019 4400 kW
NN Cemex SD 2014
Sand Falcon TSHD 1998 4920 kW 4000 m³
Sand Fulmar TSHD 1998 4920 kW 4000 m³
Welsh Piper TSHD 1987 2365 kW 785 m³

Equipment - historical

Name Type Built Power Volume
Bowstream TSHD 1971 1571 kW 1026 m³
Sand Grebe tshd 1959
Sand Gull TSHD 1964 364 kW 314 m³
Sand Harrier TSHD 1990 3926 kW 2700 m³
Sand Heron TSHD 1990 3926 kW 2700 m³
Sand Lark TSHD 1963 364 kW 314 m³
Sand Serin TSHD 1974 1146 kW 992 m³
Sand Skua TSHD 1971 873 kW 1075 m³
Sand Swan TSHD 1970 873 kW 773 m³
Sand Swift TSHD 1969 873 kW 773 m³
Sand Tern TSHD 1964 363 m³
Sand Wader TSHD 1971 2200 m³
Sand Weaver TSHD 1975 2370 m³
Sea Driver tshd 1959



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