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CCCC - China Communications Construction Company Ltd.


85, Deshengmenwai Street, Xicheng, Beijing



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China Communications Construction Company Limited (“CCCC” or the “Company”), initiated and founded by China Communications Construction Group (“CCCG”), was incorporated on 8 October 2006. Its H shares were listed on the Main Board of Hong Kong Stock Exchange with stock code of 1800.HK on 15 December 2006. The Company (including all of its subsidiaries except where the content otherwise requires) is the first large state-owned transportation infrastructure group entering the overseas capital market. As at 31 December 2009, CCCC has 112,719 employees and total asset of RMB267,900 million (in accordance with PRC GAAP). Among 127 central enterprises governed by SASAC, CCCC ranked No.12 in revenue and No.14 in profit for the year.


The Company and its subsidiaries (collectively, the “Group”) are principally engaged in the design and construction of transportation infrastructure, dredging and heavy machinery manufacturing business. It covers the following business aspects: port, terminal, road, bridge, railway, tunnel, civil work design and construction, capital dredging and reclamation dredging, container crane, heavy marine machinery, large steel structure and road machinery manufacturing, and international project contracting, import and export trading services. It is the largest port construction and design company in China, a leading company in road and bridge construction and design, a leading railway construction company, the largest dredging company in China and the second largest dredging company (in terms of dredging capacity) in the world. The Company is also the world’s largest container crane manufacturer. The Company currently has 34 wholly- owned or controlled subsidiaries.


Through participation in state level engineering construction projects, the Company has made significant contribution to the transportation infrastructure in the PRC, and has set many records recognised as the “first”, the “best” and the “most“ in the history of port and bridge construction not only in the PRC but also the rest of Asia and around the world. The Company has been involved in the design and construction of a significant number of large and medium-sized ports and navigation channels along China’s coast and inland rivers, and infrastructure construction projects such as major first-class expressways, as well as large and mega bridges, tunnels in China. Sutong Yangtze River Bridge, Hangzhou Bay Bridge, Yangshan Deepwater Port, not only reflect the state-of-the-art standard in China, but also globally. The Company owns the largest fleet of dredgers in the PRC, and ranked No.2 globally in terms of both total capacity of trailing suction hopper dredger and total cutter suction dredger. The Company’s container crane business accounted for more than 78% of the global market share in terms of units ordered in 2008, with products spreading across 73 countries and regions. The Company entered the railway market in 2005 and participated in design and construction of several national key railway projects successively, including Wuhan-Hefei Railway, Taiyuan-Zhongwei-Yinchuan Raiway, Harbin-Dalian PDL, Beijing-Shanghai PDL, Shijiazhuang-Wuhan PDL, Guiyang-Guangzhou Railway, Lanzhou-Chongqing Railway, Hunan-Guangxi Railway, etc.


Equipment - active

Type Number Power Volume
Trailing suction hopper dredgers 2 5261 kW 2990 m³
Cutter suction dredgers 8 36669 kW
Backhoe dredges 1
Bucket ladder dredgers 1 1000 kW
Grab dredgers 1 1330 kW
Hopper barges 4 2000 m³
Suction dredges 1
Name Type Built Power Volume
Chang Jiang Hao CSD 1999 2826 kW
Chang Jiang Kou Bo 1 HB 2015
De Wang CSD 2002 850 kW
Gezhouba CSD 1998 2829 kW
Hang Bo 1012 hb 1000 m³
Hang Bo 1011 HB 1000 m³
Hang Jun 1008 tshd TSHD 1983 2216 kW 1290 m³
Hang Lian 702 SD 1989
Hang Yang 1301 GD 1330 kW
Huang Jin 1 until 3 BLD 1979 1000 kW
Hunan Waterway CSD 2002 1106 kW
Jiao Chan DD
Jin Dong Hai 8 CSD 2010 14064 kW
Jin Dong Hai 9 CSD 2010 14064 kW
TSHD Vermont 170 TSHD 1981 3045 kW 1700 m³
Zhong Jian 1 CSD 1988 465 kW
Zhong Jian 2 CSD 1988 465 kW

Equipment - historical

Name Type Built Power Volume
Chien She TSHD 1935 4000 kW 6000 m³
Hang Jiao 1003 CSD 2639 kW
Hang Jiao 1005 CSD 1977 3270 kW
Hang Jun 1002 TSHD 1975 3570 kW 1500 m³
Hang Jun 4 TSHD 1975 3956 kW 527 m³
Hang Jun 4002 TSHD 1971 4634 kW 4500 m³
Hang Jun 4005 TSHD 1975 12553 kW 4453 m³
Hang Jun 6 TSHD 1976 3956 kW 527 m³
Hang Jun 6001 TSHD 1980 24879 kW 6623 m³
Hang Jun 6002 TSHD 1980 24879 kW 6500 m³
Hang Lian 504 BLD 1988 2661 kW
Hang Lian 505 BLD 1988 2661 kW
Hang XI no. 1 CSD 1974 1788 kW
Hang XI no. 2 CSD 1975 1788 kW
Jin Hang Jun 303 BLD 1975 1800 kW
Jun Feng BD, 938 kW
NN Beaver Cub CSD- 1964 132 kW
NN Beaver Cub CSD- 1965 132 kW
NN Beaver Cub CSD- 1965 132 kW
NN Beaver Cub CSD- 1964 132 kW
NN Beaver Cub CSD- 1963 132 kW
NN Beaver Cub CSD- 1965 132 kW
NN Beaver Cub CSD- 1965 132 kW
NN Beaver Cub CSD- 1965 132 kW
NN Beaver Cub CSD- 1965 132 kW
Pei-Ho BLD 1902
Shan Tou TSHD 1975 3570 kW 1500 m³
Shanghai Hao TSHD 1974 12553 kW 4550 m³
Whampoa Hao TSHD 1974 4500 m³
Xi Yang 7 CSD 1974 1788 kW


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