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Bangladesh Inland Water Transport Authority ( BIWTA )


141-143, Motijheel Commercial Area
BIWTA Bhaban


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In association with Kharnaphuly Shipyard of Bangladesh, the Bangladesh Inland Water Authority (BIWTA) has selected Ellicott for a proposal for designs and machinery for ten dredgers, five 18” (CSD 450) and five 20” (CSD 500.) (info jan. 2018)

Equipment - active

Type Number Power Volume
Cutter suction dredgers 14 14399 kW
Name Type Built Power Volume
BIWTA Dredger-1418-1 CSD 2014 870 kW
BIWTA Dredger-1418-2 CSD 2014 870 kW
BIWTA Dredger-1418-3 CSD 2014 870 kW
BIWTA Dredger-1418-4 CSD 2014 870 kW
BIWTA Dredger-1418-5 CSD 2014 870 kW
BIWTA Dredger-1418-6 CSD 2014 870 kW
BIWTA Dredger-1420-1 csd 2014 1330 kW
BIWTA Dredger-1420-2 csd 2014 1330 kW
Karnaphuli CSD 2011 870 kW
Kopotaksha CSD 2010 870 kW
Kushiara CSD 2010 870 kW
Pratikar 1 CSD 2010 1249 kW
S. D BISKHALI csd 2014 1330 kW
S. D DHANSHIRI csd 2014 1330 kW

Equipment - historical

Name Type Built Power Volume
D-135 until D-139 CSD 1975
Delta I en II CSD 1972


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