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Ballast Nedam Grond en Wegen Grondstoffen BV





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The existence of the Amsterdamsche Ballast Maatschappij can be attributed to the North Sea canal [Noordzeekanaal]. Its original operations back in 1877 were simplicity itself: empty merchant ships going to sea obtained dune sand as ballast. In later years, the company also applied itself to dredging.

H.F. Boersma set up in business as a contractor in Den Haag from 1899 onwards. In 1917, Boersma founded the company Nederlandse Aannemingsmaatschappij N.V. The Ballast Nedam Group came into being through the amalgamation of the two companies in 1969.

  • 1989: Amsterdamse Ballast, Nedam and Broekhoven merged to form Ballast Nedam.
  • 2001: Ballast Nedam, Dredging Division, and Ham merge to form Ballast Ham Dredging.
  • 2002 Ballast Ham Dredging owned by Dragados Spain and sold to BAM NBM
  • 2003: Van Oord ACZ en Ballast Ham Dredging merge to form Van Oord NV


Only the dredging division was taken over by Van Oord. Ballast Nedam, which now offers a wide range of products and services related to construction, still exists (

Equipment - active

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Equipment - historical

Name Type Built Power Volume
Amstel BUD 1917
Amsterdam I CSD 1958
Amsterdam II BUD 1891
Amsterdam III SD 1962
Anversoise BUD 1912
Apollo TSHD 1977 8251 kW 4850 m³
Balvoort HB 1907 612 m³
Blijkpolder SD 1963
Boulogne III BLD 1880
Boulogne II SD 1951
Castor HB 1912 400 m³
Charles CSD 1940
Cornelis Drebbel HB 1953 521 m³
Dejima SD 1974
Dordrecht BLD 1892 305 kW
Dordrecht II SD 1950
DZ 27 SD 1934
E.H.B.A. 16 BLD 1920
E.H.B.A. 17 BLD 1920
E.H.B.A. 49 SD 1912
E.Z. 1 SD 1928
Friesland II BLD 1924
Gorinchem BUD 1891
Harlingen CSD 1969
Hercules SD 1961 3665 kW
Humber River TSHD 1971 13904 kW 10156 m³
Hydra SD 1908
IJmuiden I SD 1956
IJmuiden II SD 1959
IJsselmeer SD 1967
IJsselmeer BLD 1913
Italia CSD 1934
Jutphaas SD 1934
Kantara BUD 1891
Kronos BLD 1956
La Boulonnaise CSD 1934
Lake Fithian CSD 1919
Liesbosch TSHD 1983 2471 kW 1428 m³
Nereus BLD 1963
New Amsterdam CSD 1978 9870 kW
NO. 62 BLD 1909
Noordholland CSD 1968 839 kW
Noordzee HB 1956 521 m³
Oranjestad TSHD 1965 5102 kW 4075 m³
Overijssel BUD 1950
OX 2 SD 1968 790 kW
OX I SD 1964 790 kW
Port Said SD+ 1901
Poseidon TSHD 1973 7513 kW 4696 m³
Queen of Holland CSD 1968
Rhea BLD 1925
Rhea BLD 1977 1406 kW
Rozenburg CSD 1972 1875 kW
Saga TSHD 1985 5799 kW 2406 m³
Schellingwoude BUD 1964
Stad Amsterdam BLD 1915
Tigra SD 1953
Triton BLD 1963
Utrecht SD 1938
Utrecht CSD 1972 1915 kW
Valkenburg SD 1936
Venserpolder SD 1967
Wado TSHD 1972 10369 kW 6803 m³
Welland CSD 1968
Willemstad TSHD 1966 3146 m³
Willemstad TSHD 1977 5760 kW 4200 m³
Zaanstad TSHD 1974 2327 kW 1860 m³
Zuid-Holland BLD 1903


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