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Wallace McGeorge

Wallace McGeorge

General properties

Vessel type: 
SD Dustpan
Built in: 

Physical properties

Length (OA): 
87.94 m
Dredging depth: 
22.86 m

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11 years 3 weeks ago

About this equipment

Original name was CARL BURKHARDT. Built in 1965 as a cutterhead dredge Around 1980, it was converted to a dustpan dredge and renamed LENEL BEAN by Bean Dredging In 1991, Pine Bluff bought the vessel and later renamed it WALLACE McGEORGE, for a member of the company’s second generation of owners.


Dredging at Redeye south of Baton Rouge - photo by Freddie Kline From second deck on tow up the Mississippi - photo by Freddie Kline

Technical files and datasheets

No files available