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Venezia - bucketladder- and suctiondredger

General properties

Vessel type: 
Built in: 
Yard number: 

Physical properties

Length (BP): 
64.5 m
10.5 m
5.4 m
Total power: 
515 kW
Bucket capacity (standard): 
0.50 m³
Hopper volume: 
500 m³
Dredging depth: 
15 m
Dredging depth (extended): 
20 m
Number of dredging pipes: 

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Later called "Francesco Morosini"

About this equipment

The building of the Italian hopper bucket dredger Venezia at Schiedam according to Dutch newspapers in 1908-1909

The Schiedamsche Courant dated Sunday 22 November 1908 published the next extensive item. Yesterday was at the yard of Gusto/firm A.F. Smulders with success the steel hull of the hopper bucket dredger Venezia with two screws and suction- and press equipment launched on behalf of the Italian government. Her main dimensions were 64,5 x 10,5 x 5,3 metres. On board were two vertical compound engines each of 300 hp and each driving one screw and together driving the bucket chain en connected through one condenser. The engines also drove a sand pump while one compound engine drove a centrifugal water pump. Further more was a press pump able to press 300M3 specie away over distance of 600 metres with a height of 2 metres and a water pump used to mix the specie and water before she was pressed away and which was driven by an own special compound engine of 100 hp. There was an auxiliary engine to drive the dynamo, steam winches for manoeuvring the bucket ladders, anchors, chains, and so on and a servo motor to operate the rudder. The necessary steam for all those activities was delivered by two marine boilers each with a heated surface of 120M3 and 8 atmosphere. This dredger was able to dredge with the bucket chain about 300M3 sediment each hour and to suck with the suction pipe about 600M3 sediment from a depth of 15 metres. The hopper had a capacity of 500M3. The dredger was completely electrical lightened. With a maximum speed of 8 knots she would use her own engines for her voyage towards Venice. The edition dated Thursday 25 March 1909 supplied some more details. The seaworthy Venezia left the day before towards Venice. On board were 6 steam winches. The specie which was dredged while using the bucket chain or suction pipe was loaded in lighters lying alongside, in her own hopper, sucked from the hopper and pressed away with a floating pipe line, directly pressed away by this pipe line or dumped by the hopper in sea through opening of the bottom valves. The bucket chain could dredged to a depth of 15metres with the ladder in standard position and with an outstretched ladder 20 metres. The suction pipe could be used to a depth of 15 metres. The Dutch newspaper Het nieuws van den dag: kleine courant dated 25 March confirmed the departure a day earlier.

Another Dutch newspaper the Rotterdamsch Nieuwsblad dated 20 April reported that she left Gibraltar on 12 April. The edition dated 24 April reported that she left on 23 March the yard and arrived 22 April safely at Venice.



Technical files and datasheets

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