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Susanna II

Susanna II - cutter suction dredger

General properties

Vessel type: 
Built in: 

Physical properties

Length (OA): 
30 m
6.9 m
1.25 m
Cutter power: 
30 kW
Total power: 
211 kW
Dredging depth: 
6 m
Number of dredging pipes: 

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About this equipment

The new dredger – yet unnamed but temporarily called “Susanna II” – will be fitted out with a dividable swing ladder with a total length of 18 m, resulting in an impressive swing width of 28 m. The hydraulically driven 30 kW cutter will work at a maximum dredging depth of 6 m. The Damen dredge pump, type BP2525MD will be driven by a CATERPILLAR diesel engine, type C12TA of 254 kW. They are situated in the main pontoon together with the 15 kVA generator set and the hydraulic system.

The modularly built dredger can be transported by road to the following job. Apart from the main pontoon and the dividable ladder, the dredger is composed of 4 side pontoons, 4 spud poles with tilting mechanism and even a dividable control cabin – to keep the maximum height under 1.5m for bridge passages.

The “Susanna II” will be a very efficient dredger as it is equipped with a spud carriage with a 2 m cylinder stroke and its huge swing width. The spuds can be used both on land as well as in water. The dredger is fitted out with a hand operated deck crane for safe hoisting of for instance the dredge pump parts.



Technical files and datasheets

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