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Smok I

Smok I suction dredger

General properties

Vessel type: 
Built in: 
Werf Conrad (IHC)

Physical properties

Length (BP): 
45 m
8.8 m
Draft (loaded): 
0.9 m

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Last Updated

2 years 40 weeks ago



About this equipment

Polish sand suction dredger Warschau or Smok I built at Dutch shipyard Conrad at Haarlem acccording to the Dutch newspaper Haarlem’s Dagblad dated Monday 17 November 1930

An item reported the launching on Saturday at 11.45 o’clock of the sand suction dredger Warschau at the shipyard Conrad. This sternwheeler was built for the Polish government with the dimensions 45 x 8,80 x c. 0,90 metres. The small draught was needed while she was to be used on the river Weichsel. Propelled by one steam engine which also could be used for the suction device.   Note

1. Another newspaper Rotterdamsch nieuwsblad dated Monday 17 November reported that the launching on last Saturday afternoon of a sand suction dredger for Poland. While she was to serve in swallow waters was she fitted out with a stern wheel. Another newspaper Het volk dated 2 April 1931 reported that a large sand suction dredger built for Poland left for her destination. According to the photo was she named ‘Smok I.’ The newspaper Haarlems’s Dagblad dated Tuesday 16 August 1932 reported her departure on Monday. The edition dated 5 September reported that the Dutch tug Utrecht of Bureau Wijsmuller (master De Koe) towed the sand suction dredger Smok I from the shipyard Conrad at Harlem towards Danzig where she arrived on 19 August.



Technical files and datasheets

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