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Port of Spain II

Port of Spain II tshd trailing suction hopper dredger

General properties

IMO number: 
Vessel type: 
Built in: 
Yard number: 
co. 1109

Physical properties

Length (OA): 
66.71 m
Length (BP): 
62.06 m
13.21 m
4.81 m
Draft (loaded): 
3.95 m
Number of engines: 
Engine specs: 
MAK - 8M332AK - 4Str - 8 cyl - 24.00 x 33.00 - rpm
Speed (loaded): 
11 knts
Total power: 
2751 kW
Hopper volume: 
750 m³
Dredging depth: 
16.75 m
Suction pipe diameter: 
0.56 m
Number of dredging pipes: 

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About this equipment

According to a feedback, dated 9th of August, 2010

The Port of Spain II was sold to a private interest by the Port Authority, about 5 years ago. She is now laid up in Chaguaramas, Trinidad, for refitting. She had an engine room fire in 1998 and was inoperational since. The Port Authority decided not to repair her, but to sell.

She keep her original analogue dredge calculators, and a lot of her equipment is as constructed.


Builders Model displayed at Port Authority of Trinidad and Tobago Headoffice Builders Model displayed at Port Authority of Trinidad and Tobago Headoffice Builders ModelApproaching the Port of Claxton Bay , to commence grabbing ops. May 1997 - © W. MohammedGrab Dredging at Claxton Bay , May 1997 - ©W. MohammedPort Of Spain II drydocking at the Swan Hunter Floating Dock, Chaguaramas, 1982  - ©W. MohammedPort of Spain II underway to refit at Curacao , January 1986 - ©W. MohammedPort of Spain II refitting at Curacao , January 1986 - ©W. MohammedPort of Spain II at Curacao (CDM) , january 1986 - ©W. MohammedPort of Spain II - Starboard side  bow view, at Port of Spain, Trinidad (2003). - picture: W.Mohammed©Port of Spain II at Anchorage - W.Mohammed©port_of_spain_iiHopper Spoil distribution board  - W.Mohammed©Dredge calculator - W.Mohammed©Wheelhouse - W.Mohammed©Pipe controls - W.Mohammed©750m3 Hopper - W.Mohammed©

Technical files and datasheets

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