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No. 1

General properties

Vessel type: 
Built in: 
Yard number: 

Physical properties

Length (BP): 
33.98 m
8.99 m
2.99 m
Bucket capacity (standard): 
0.27 m³

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About this equipment

Danish bucket dredger No. 1 built at Gusto, Schiedam according to the Dutch newspaper Schiedamsche Courant dated Sunday 30 August 1908

At the yard Gusto/firm A.F. Smulders at Schiedam was with success the steel hull of a bucket dredger launched destined for the harbour of Copenhagen. The main dimensions were 34 x 9 x 3 (hold) metres. The dredger was capable to dredge from a depth of 12,75 metres 200 M3 sediment within a hour. She was fitted out with a main engine of 250 hp to drive the bucket chain and 6 steam winches including one ladder winch, 2 winches for changing the bow positions, one winch to lift the anchor and control forward movements, a combined winch at the aft and one winch to operate the gutters. In the engine room was also a direct driven dynamo and further more one steam boiler with a heating surface of 30M3 and of 8 atmosphere. The vessel was totally electric lightened. The edition dated Tuesday 1 December 1908 added more details. The yard confirmed that the bucket dredger No. 1 left the yard Saturday while towed to her destination by a tug of L. Smit&Co of Rotterdam. The main boiler was of 6 atmosphere and had a heating surface of 80M2. The dredging capacity was around 250M3 ordinary clay within a hour from a depth of 12,75 metres and around 150M3 very hard clay.



Technical files and datasheets

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