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Jun Hai 5

Jun Hai 5 - trailing suction hopper dredger

General properties

IMO number: 
Vessel type: 
Built in: 

Physical properties

Length (OA): 
136 m
Length (BP): 
131.3 m
25.4 m
Draft (loaded): 
8 m
14.3 knts
Speed (loaded): 
11.2 knts
Hopper volume: 
10288 m³
Dredging depth: 
8.45 m

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About this equipment

Junhai V” suction dredger fabricated by GDC docked for closure Source:CCCC Guangzhou Dreding Co.LTDTime:2011-08-15 On August 8, the 10,288m3 “Junhai V” self-propelled suction dredger, fabricated by CCCC Guangzhou Dredging Co., Ltd. (GDC), was docked for closure. “Junhai V” is GDC’s third “Junhai” dredger after “Junhai I” and “Junhai II”. With a length of 131.3m, a width of 25.4m, a dredging depth of 8.45m and a maximum capacity of 10,288m3, it is a self-propelled suction dredger with twin screw, double rake, single deck, bulb bow, bulb bow and streamlined steel welding hull, and applies to dredging and filling projects. The dredger uses IHC’s most advanced high-efficiency dredge pump and an independent homemade dredging control system. The fabrication of the dredger will further optimize GDC’s vessel structure and boost its comprehensive competitiveness in the dredging market.

GT = 11463 T DWT= 15570 T



Technical files and datasheets

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