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The Dredgepoint Team

Why this webshop?

The simple answer is that we need money to support this website.

We are mainly a volunteer organisation but keeping this site up and running 24/7 does cost money. It's not our plan to get rich, so all money we make will flow back to the development of this website. We have lots of ideas on how we can bring even more value to our visitors.

Our goal is to collect as much information as possible on all things related to dredging and make that available for free to everybody. That means that we can't simply create a paywall and let our visitors pay for access to the website.

We decided to make a division between normal visitors interested in dredging and professional visitors that use our website for their business. In short: if you use our website to make money, we would like some of that in return.

What can I buy?

If you browse our catalog, you see a list of things we think are interesting for professional visitors:

  • Buy & Sell
    This is a marketplace for all your new and used dredging equipment. As long as it's related to dredging, you can put it on sale here. Buyers and sellers deal with each other directly, we're just the intermediary. The seller pays for placing the advertisement and that's all; we don't want a percentage of the price, or something like that
  • Professional Account
    We have created a comprehensive search function for our equipment and owners sections. With that you can search for active TSHD's under Dutch flag built between 1970 and 1989, for example. Also, we have collected lots of files and datasheets on dredgers, which we make available to visitors with a professional account.
  • Company page
    Because of our focus, all our visitors guaranteed to be interested in dredging. Many of those visitors are people from the various dreging companies. This makes it interesting for companies that want to present themselves to the wider dreging community.
  • In the picture
    For companies that want to present themselves, or a new product or service on the frontpage op this website, we have created In the picture.  Most visitors arrive at our website via the frontpage and they all get to see your In the picture. You can choose how long you want it to stay there and after that it will allways be available in the seperate in te picture section we're creating.
  • Adopt a historical dredger
    We're not only collecting current information, but in cooperation with the Dutch museum of dredging, we also want to preserve the history of dredging. These old records may not be interesting for companies of today, but by adopting one or more of these pages they can show their support for our common history.


Why Singapore?

When you order something in our webshop, you'll notice that the financial transaction goes through Dredgepoint Asia & Pacific, based in Singapore. The reason for that is that Dutch VAT is very high and Singapore only charges VAT for internal transactions, so the rest of the world doesn't pay VAT.

This way we make sure that more of your money goes to developing this website.

If you have any questions about our webshop, please send us a message through the contact form.