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Geofocus - 2012

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GEO FOCUS (build year 2012 )

35 m Hybrid Survey / ROV/AUV support Vessel
Classification Lloyds Register: + 100 A1, SSC, G3 Workboat, MONO, UMS, [+] LMC, DP (AM), EP, Green Passport
L.O.A. 34.50 m
B.O.A. 8.33 m
Design Speed max. 14 knots
Operational 24 h / 7 days / max. of 14 days at sea Certified for operations untill 200 nautical miles from cast or safe haven. The saiing area can be increased by loading a tanktainer on the workdeck.

Owner: Geo Tender IV BV,   Port of registry Eemshaven,   Flag The Netherlands

Cumulation of knowledge.

After about 18 years of hydrography GEO PLUS Holland has gathered a lot of practical experience.
All our present knowledge is bundled in this new ship, the GEO FOCUS.
The results and conclusions of this way of permanent education we shall again apply to our future ships. Pantha rhei.
The world of hydrographic survey is changing. Farewell to the big unwieldly survey-ships using a lot of diesel.
GEO PLUS Holland thinks that the future is for agile, stable, cost-effective ships, special designed for their jobs and using considerable less diesel.

The diesel-direct mode is used for cruising, but in working conditions like dynamic-positioning with lower speed, the ship can be used in diesel-electric mode.
This results at least in two advantages:
1. Less noise under the ship, aming for a better quality of the measuring data.
2. Better combustion in the main engines. This result in less maintenance and longer working periods.

Survey equipment:

Multibeam: Kongsberg EM 2040 (hull mounted) 200/300/400 kHz 0,5x1° dual head
singlebeam: Kongsberg EA 400 (hull mounted) 38/200kHz
USBL positioning: Kongsberg HIPAP 501
Gyro/Motion reference: IXSEA Hydrins III
Hydrographic Positioning: C-NAV 3050, PPP/RTG/RTK/DGPS Trimble SPS852, RTK/DGPS
Souns Velocity Probe: Reson SVP 14/15
Sound velocity Sensor: Valeport mini SVS

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Geo Focus Survey Vessel Geo PlusHigh level of comfort  The circumstances on sea can be very tough, so it is important that the working/living conditons for surveyors and crew are excellent. This ship is designed for comfortable operation in the icy conditions of the Barentszsea in the pThe GEO FOCUS is equiped for ROV and AUV support