Euro Carier 2812 | Multicat

Euro Carier 2812 | Multicat

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Euro Carrier 2812
Dimensions  28.50 x 12.50 x 4.00 meters
Power           2x Caterpillar 1319 bhp @ 1800 rpm (Cummins or Mitsubishi  is also possible)
Speed  10 knots
Bollard pull  30 tonne f

About our Euro Carriers

The vessels are of a standard design and they are built in series.
However specific designs are also possible in about the same delivery time as the standard vessels, this is because the entire building process takes place in the Netherlands.
The vessels can be used for a wide range of marine operations.

Our Euro Carriers are of a proven concept and Neptune has been building them for over 20 years.
We can guarantee exceptional operational reliability.
Neptune builds these vessels in series and we can deliver them within a very short time span.
Also Neptune regularly has standard vessels available from stock that can be delivered within a matter of weeks.

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