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Bridge Inventory

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In spite of various high-tech developments in navigation systems and equipment, traditional navigation means and aids to navigation are still found on board of seagoing ships.

Their high reliability means they are often much needed as well. For instance, a magnetic compass is used to establish the correct functioning of the (primary) gyro compass and is independent of the ship’s power supply. If the gyro does not function, the magnetic compass’ reading can be used as input for the automatic pilot.

Our workshop performs individual type-testing of magnetic compasses in accordance with the highest standards in a workshop unrivalled in its kind in Europe. We have a variety of traditional navigation aids - ship’s bell, clinometer, compass, sextant or signalling flags and rulers.

  • Bridge inventory
  • Chart dividers
  • Parallel rulers
  • Binoculars
  • Digital Night Vision Devices
  • Ship's bells
  • Fog gongs
  • Professional Clocks
  • Aneroid barometer
  • Clinometers
  • Chronometers
  • Sextants
  • Magnetic compasses
  • National flags
  • Signalling flags
  • Daysignals
  • Daylight signalling lamps


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 Sextant Cassens & Plath Chart dividers Parallel ruler Fog GongDay Signals Daylight signalling lamp - Type NHS 200H. It’s purpose is to communicate by light during day and night using an energy source of electrical power not solely dependent on the ship’s power supply. Halogenlamps 20W/24V, in bag. Reflector parabolic mirror, d Aneroid barometer -  Aneroid barometer  Aneroid barometer  Type DATEMA 103 PM, diameter 5", brass casing.  Clock  Clock  Professional brass clock with quartz clockwork. Diameter clock face 120 mm.  Chronometer -  Chronometer  Chronometer  In wooden case and quartz clockwork.  Ship's bell -  Ship's bell  Ship's bell  Diameter 300 mm, according the IMO Convention on the International Regulations for Preventing Accidents at Sea (COLREG) 1972. Steering compass Cassens & Plath -  Steering compass Cassens & Plath  Steering compass Cassens & Plath  Magnetic compass. Directional system 160mm Ø - 1° division from above and below readable. Card printing: North below North.  VARIOcourse Cassens & Plath -  VARIOcourse Cassens & Plath  VARIOcourse Cassens & Plath  Marine electromagnetic compasses are used as a course reference for marine navigation. Contrary to conventional magnetic compasses,  Yukon Ranger Pro 5x42 -  Yukon Ranger Pro 5x42  Yukon Ranger Pro 5x42  The RANGER PRO 5x42 Digital Night Vision Device is designed on the basis of the Ranger 5x42 Night Vision Device. Clinometer - Clinometer , two scales, one scale +/- 45° and a fine tuning scale +/- 5°. Signalling flags