1 Set Azimuth Thrusters (unused)

1 Set Azimuth Thrusters (unused)

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Price € 1.650.000,= As is where is



Type Modular Diesel-Hydraulic Thruster

Mounting Configuration Separate HPU with Thrusters Mounted on Deck or Platform

Thruster Material of Construction ASTM A36, Grade B Carbon Steel

Prime Mover Caterpillar or Cummings

Thruster Continuous Rating 1,000 HP

Fixed-Pitch Propeller 63-inch Kaplan Accelerator Series

Nozzle Type Kort 19A

Propeller Material of Construction Manganese-Bronze

Steering Range 360 Degree Non-Stepping

Hydraulic Flow 409 U.S. GPM

Hydraulic Pressure 3,970 PSID

Nominal Static Bollard Thrust 25,000 LBF

Nominal Weight of Each Thruster 28,900 LBM


A.1 Outboard Drive Assembly:

The outboard drive assembly includes the steering motor, drive and stem rotation mechanisms, outboard stem, propeller hydraulic motor, propeller, nozzle and outboard tilt mechanisms. The outboard drive assembly is a totally sealed, self-contained unit with convenient means provided for checking, draining and filling of lubricants. Routine servicing of the outdrive does not require disassembly of the unit. Each thruster is completely marinized and suitable for marine service.  

A.2 Pivot Points:

Pivot points shall be incorporated in the outboard drive to allow elevation of the stem for inspection or maintenance. Elevation (tilt) is accomplished without disconnecting the outboard drive from the main power source so that operational control may be returned immediately and to permit maintenance and repair without employing divers or drydocking the vessel. 

A.3 Hydraulic Power Tilt System: 

The thruster units incorporate a hydraulic power tilt system capable of elevating the outboard drive assembly through an arc of 90 degrees. Hydraulic oil supply for the power tilt mechanism is supplied by the steering and tilt hydraulic pump. Power tilt hydraulic cylinders and piston rods are constructed of suitable alloys to prevent marine atmospheric corrosion. Cylinder rods are chromium plated. The cylinders are of sufficient volume and stroke to provide the full 90 degree arc of the outboard drive while subjected to full propeller thrust loading. 

A.4 Stem Length: 

The outdrive assembly stem length will be matched to suit the vessel depth and sponson deck elevation as to provide proper propeller submergence. Maximum stem length is 30 feet. Longer lengths available at additional cost. 

A.5 Propellers and Nozzle: 

The thruster units are equipped with Kaplan accelerator series nickel-aluminum, four-blade, high-thrust, monoblock propellers contained in Kort 19A nozzles. The nominal diameter of the propeller is 63 inches and the blade pitch and disk area ratio shall be such that maximum static bollard thrust is achieved. 

A.6 Steering System: 

The thruster units are equipped with electric over hydraulic steering, with a hydraulic steering motor interconnected with a drive and rotation mechanism powered by the steering and tilt hydraulic pump. The units steer 360 degrees continually, without stops, while subjected to full propeller thrust, facilitating the vessel’s ability to maneuver nearly independent of wind and wave excitation forces. The steering speed is three (3) RPM and is field adjustable. 

A.7 Propeller Hydraulic Motor: 

Each thruster unit has a bent-axis, bi-directional, variable-speed axial piston motor directly driving the propeller shaft. The hydraulic motor is installed inside the fabricated steel lower outdrive housing. The propeller shaft is supported by large, oil-lubricated taper roller bearings. The motor produces a rotative speed of 363 RPM. Propeller speed can be infinitely controlled providing excellent maneuvering ability and performance equivalent to controllable pitch propellers. Pressure limiters and cross reliefs protect the hydraulic transmission in the event of propeller blockage. The propeller can be stalled at any time without causing damage to the transmission. 

A.8 Service Life: 

The propeller shaft oil-lubricated taper roller bearings have an L10 service life in excess of 20,000 hours based on operation at full load. 

A.9 Connections: 

Each thruster is provided with flanges and quick disconnect couplings for the interconnecting hoses to the HPU. 

A.10 Feedbacks: 

Feedbacks for thrust and azimuth output to the DPS computer are provided. 

A.11 Mounting: 

The outboard drive assembly is supported by a common steel mini-skid arrangement, containing the hydraulic tilt cylinders and suitable for mounting to the vessel’s deck or to sponson decks by bolt-down or welding. Mounting on sponson decks will allow for 90 degree tilt of the thruster units parallel to the side and centerline of the vessel. 


B.1 Diesel-Hydraulic Power Units: 

A containerized diesel-hydraulic power unit is provided for each thruster outdrive and is suitable for remote mounting at any convenient deck space on the vessel. Each diesel-hydraulic power unit consists of an industrial radiator-cooled diesel prime mover, a hydrostatic main hydraulic pump operating in a closed-loop hydraulic system, hydraulic and engine cooling equipment, hydraulic reservoir, filters, hoses and piping, engine exhaust system and all other related parts and equipment. Engine and hydraulic components are enclosed in a specially modified ISO 20 foot container suitable for ocean freight.  

B.2 Diesel Prime Movers: 

Each hydraulic propulsion unit is powered by a Caterpillar 3508B DITA skid-mounted, radiator-cooled, direct-injected, turbo-charged, 4-stroke, 8-cylinder diesel engine rated for 1,050 BHP at 1,600 RPM. The diesel engine drives a hydraulic pump package providing motive power for the propeller and steering of the outdrive. Engine start is by local control panel. 

B.3 Engine Accessories: 

The engine is complete with electronic variable-speed governor, water jacket and pump, engine flywheel adapter for hydraulic pump package, electric start motor, alternator, and all standard accessories such as air, fuel and lube oil filters, and low lube oil and high jacket water temperature alarms. 

B.4 Electronic Engine Instrumentation: 

An electronic instrument panel is located on the side of the engine and includes a main display module, gauge cluster module, engine control switch, pyrometer, emergency stop pushbutton, and engine alarm and acknowledgment pushbutton. 

B.5 Cooling System: 

Engine cooling is through a fin-fan radiator heat exchanger designed for high ambient temperature (52 ºC/125 ºF) operation. The cooling system is a closed-loop system complete with thermostats, housing and belt-driven centrifugal jacket water pump. Engine coolant is used for cooling of the engine block and head as well as the engine lube oil system via the engine lube oil cooler. The engine cooling radiator is mounted on top of the HPU enclosure. 

B.6 Exhaust System: 

The engine is provided with a dry exhaust manifold and is attached through a flexible connection to a vertical muffler located on the top of the enclosure. 

B.7 Electrical System: 

Heavy duty, deep cycling, lead-acid liquid electrolyte, size 8D marine batteries are installed for 24 VDC starting and operation and are provided with a 110 VAC battery chargers. 110 VAC lighting is installed to facilitate maintenance and is supplied to the HPU from ship’s AC generators. The rest of the electrical system and controls are powered by the 24 VDC batteries. Each engine is provided with a 24 VDC electric start motor and charging alternator. 

B.8 Main Hydraulic Pump: 

The main pump for each thruster is a hydrostatic transmission variable-displacement axial piston pump with an electric swashplate controller and operating in a closed-loop system, providing non-stepping, infinitely variable propeller speed control in without the use of a marine gear or clutch. 

B.9 Auxiliary Hydraulic Pumps: 

Each hydraulic power pack is equipped with a series of hydraulic pumps, tandem mounted to the main hydraulic pump, which provide for charging of the closed-loop hydraulic transmission system, flushing and lubrication of the hydraulic propulsion motor, and the steering and hydraulic tilt of the outdrive assembly. 

B.10 Hydraulic Accessories: 

The hydraulic system is provided with a loop flushing valve, charge flow filter, hydraulic reservoir with baffle plate, pressurized breather, return filter, magnetic separator, suction strainer, level gauge, hydraulic oil temperature gauge, level switch and temperature switch. A fan-tube heat exchanger with hydraulically-driven motor, a hydraulic pressure gauge panel and isolating valves are also included in the package. 

B.11 Fuel Tank: 

A diesel fuel day tank with a capacity of not less than 12 hours at full engine operation is installed inside of each HPU. The fuel tank is provided with a level sight gauge and low level switch. The tank is vented to outside of the container. Fuel lines to the engine are provided with duplex fuel filter/water separators. 

B.12 HPU Container: 

The diesel engine and related equipment, hydraulic pump, hydraulic reservoir and related accessories are enclosed in an ISO 20 foot shipping container suitable for ocean freight. The container is modified by installing louvers for engine air intake and radiator exhaust and a personnel maintenance door. Engine intake air enters through louvered sections located at the aft sides of the power unit and exits through the front end of the unit for thermal regulation of container inside temperature. The engine radiator system, hydraulic oil cooler, and critical silencing muffler are remote mounted on top of the container. 

B.13 Hoses, Cables and Connections: 

Interconnecting hydraulic hose assemblies are provided for each thruster unit. Main hydraulic hoses are SAE 100R13 black, spiral-wound, oil-resistant Neoprene. All hydraulic connections to the thruster terminate at the rear end of the container and are provided with flanges or ISO 7241-1 Series B dry break quick disconnect couplings to facilitate easy connection of the hydraulic hose assemblies to the thruster. Electrical instrument and data communication cables are included. 

B.14 Mounting: 

Each containerized diesel-hydraulic power unit (HPU) may be secured to the vessel’s deck by Peck and Hale fittings, boltdown chains and come-alongs or by any other means of securing ocean freight shipping containers and may be located at any convenient deck space. 

B.15 Local Thruster Controls: 

A local thruster control panel is installed in the HPU for each thruster. The controls consist of: 

B.15.1 One (1) combination propeller speed and steering joystick; 

B.15.2 One (1) 360 degree steering angle gauge; 

B.15.3 One (1) set pushbuttons for hydraulic tilt up and down of the thruster; 

B.15.4 One (1) set pushbuttons for engine start and stop; 

B.15.5 One (1) power on-off switch; 

B.15.6 One (1) high engine cooling water temperature alarm light; 

B.15.7 One (1) low engine lube oil pressure alarm light; 

B.15.8 One (1) high hydraulic oil temperature alarm light; 

B.15.9 One (1) low hydraulic oil level alarm light; and 

B.15.10 One (1) transfer switch for local and remote bridge control. 

The panel is completely electric, based on 24 VDC electric supply. An emergency stop mushroom pushbutton is installed on the outside of the HPU container. 


C.1 Common Remote Control Panel: 

With each shipset of thruster units, a drop-in style common remote control panel is furnished. All controls are electric over hydraulic and controls of any thruster unit are independent from controls of any other thruster unit, without any electrical interconnection between the units. Controls for each unit on the common panel include: 

C.1.1 One (1) combination propeller speed and steering joystick; 

C.1.2 One (1) 360 degree steering angle gauge; 

C.1.3 One (1) transfer switch for automatic or manual control; 

C.1.4 One (1) thruster available indicator light; and 

C.1.5 One (1) summary alarm light. 

The panel is backlit and completely electric, based on 24 VDC electric supply.  


Treatment and Painting: 

All exterior metal surfaces are cleaned, undercoated and painted Thrustmaster’s standard marine-grade finishes. The finished paint application is smooth in appearance, continuous in color, free of dry overspray, pinholes, orange peels, sags or other film defects.

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